Local Resident - Katrina F.

“My husband and I are new to the area, and we have been managing so many things with the big move that we have been slipping up left and right. One of the unfortunate things that came out of a busy day was that my husband locked our keys in the car while it was parked in the driveway. Unfortunately, we couldn’t climb into the trunk and crawl to the front because the trunk was locked as well with our automatic lock. We both looked on our phones to find the best rated locksmith in the area and the results on Google turned this company up. We were not disappointed at all, and they were out within 25 minutes and fixed the problem shortly thereafter. They opened the lock on the car and allowed us to get back inside to take the keys out. Great rates and great service.”

Culligan Water - John A.

“We run a business in the area and regularly we do security checks on our buildings to ensure that everything is secure. Our resident security guard started to notice that some of the locks in the building could be literally kicked open or forced open with very little force. This troubled us, but we didn’t have a resident handyman who could take a look at the problem and install new locks or new security features in the building. Obviously, our company values security very highly, so we decided to go ahead and hire some experts in the area. Word-of-mouth led us to this company, which was highly recommended by some colleagues in the business. They came out and assessed the situation and told us what locks would be best for us. They offered to install them at minimal extra charge, which was a nice feature. We would hire them again for similar job.”

Local Resident - Greg G.

“Our Realty firm develops many properties for both commercial and residential use. Lately, we’ve had trouble with a certain commercial property that is continually broken into by the homeless and is in general an insecure site. Sadly, our main construction crew was not equipped to handle the installation of new security equipment, so we had to turn elsewhere. Fortunately, we did end up finding a fantastic locksmith company – this one – that handled the situation perfectly. They installed new locks on the buildings as well as new security doors and windows that were harder for people to climb into or tamper with. Since then, we haven’t had any trouble with teenagers or the homeless getting into the building, which has saved us tons of money and repair costs that we normally would have to consider a regular expenditure with this property. We had to constantly remove graffiti and other materials from inside the building to ensure that it remained a desirable location rather than looking like a trash heap. I would recommend this locksmithing company to any realtors or companies and other similar situations. They were a charm to work with.”

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